Phonte’s voice can bring crowds to their feet. On this tune, the song shifts from a light groove with few lyrics to a chorus that calls back to the past with hope and hope that what we need now, love, is here, too.

The video’s direction captures the rhythms of life. Now the young lead’s outfits remind us how we used to dress and dance to our music. It’s an old home, now it’s filled with dancing and music. That’s the movement. The old man dances with the young lady, the mothers dance. What a joy it is for them. As the old man starts to slow down and stops dancing, all the dancers follow, but one thing we see is that we are dancing and singing about our reality. When you look at the old man, his demeanor changes. He changes from a joyous life to what can happen to you, the life that might happen to you and that gives you joy and that can stop your joy.

As you walk to the edge of the old village you can see a woman talking to someone who might be the owner. She asks the question that every mother asks. How will the young man live, and the man looks back. She calls the boy’s name and she smiles, “Is that all you’re going to do? You are going to grow up and take care of your father. He will go back to the house and that’s what we want.” She keeps talking and smiling, and then we see the boy come into the village.

The young man is dancing again and dances with two young women who are dancing together. He looks happy, but he is concerned. His arms go over the young women’s heads as he dances. The dancing is not just entertaining, it’s performing for the benefit of others. As the young men dance, the dancers act as if they are dancing for joy, but they are really dancing for a purpose.

The dancers stop their dancing and the music stops. A huge man walks up to the boy. He has a strong voice, but when he starts to talk the sound is too loud. He tells the young man that it’s time for the women to dance and he’s calling them. The young man dances with the two young women and again dances in the old village. The women look at the man who has been dancing with them and they are worried, but they dance for joy. Their faces are different and they smile, but he looks at the young man and calls him back.

The young man follows the man as he talks to him. The man tells the boy that it’s time for the dancing to stop and the man is there because the young man stopped dancing and started thinking about his father and the trouble he might face. They are there for the young man, but the boy tells the man to come on, it’s time for them to dance for joy.

The young man and woman dance, but we see that the dancing is done for a purpose. Their faces show the sadness that comes from something that might happen to them, a problem they have in their life. It’s only their reality and they are willing to change it. They dance to love, but we see the love in the dance, the joy in the dance and the love that they can create.

Everything is different. The only thing that remains is what happens to you, the movement you make and how you do it. Phonte’s voice shows us a song that reminds us of life, it reminds us of joy and the good things in life, it reminds us of living in love and living in joy, because that’s what life is all about. The song shows us how to move and dance in love, while we’re alive. This is a dance that we can dance with anyone.