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Discover ” Légumen “, the winning work of the “Façade Prize”

The winning work of the “Façade Prize” of the 6th edition of the Canson® Art School Awards is now unveiled on the facade of 59Rivoli! Produced by a collective of 5 students from the Ecole Estienne (ESAIG) in Paris, “Légumen” is a subtle blend of humor and absurdity around the theme of the place of man in society through stuck faces in monumental vegetables! One year after Salomé Fauc’s “Replicas of the Tree”, it is the collective’s turn to surprise us through this original work which will make some passers-by smile, perhaps grimace the most skeptical, question the most curious: these giant vegetables with a human head will not leave anyone indifferent!

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The 59 Rivoli

59Rivoli, alongside the City of Paris, agreed to participate in the Canson ® Art School Awards, which contribute to the development of these young artists. This partnership is thus consistent with the will of the collective.


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