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Canson® Art School Awards - Canson<sup>®</sup> Art School Awards 2016/2017 - Rules of competition
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Canson® Art School Awards 2016/2017 - Rules of competition

Article 1: Organisation

Canson SAS, (simplified joint-stock company), located at 67, Rue Laurent et Louis Seguin,
07100 ANNONAY, is organiser for a COMPETITION intended exclusively for European students enrolled in an arts discipline at higher (post-secondary) education institutions (e.g. colleges of art or universities of fine arts), via its website,
Students registered for the Canson® Art School Awards shall be referred to as the ENTRANT(S) for the purposes of the rules of competition.
Arts disciplines are identified as the following: Visual Arts, Cartoon Strips/Illustrations, Design, Architecture, Fashion, Photography.
Countries included within Europe are:   Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Article 2: Presentation formats, methods and dimensions

The Canson® Art School Awards COMPETITION features two categories: Freestyle on Paper and Photography.
The regulations in each of the categories are as follows:
- In both categories (Free Technique on Paper and Photography), the choice of theme is open.
- Free Technique on Paper category: artwork must be done on paper or cardboard. All graphic art techniques (e.g. drawing, painting, collages, cut-outs, engraving) are acceptable, with the exception of photography. The minimum size for artworks is A6. Artworks must be flat (2D).
- Photography category: the competition is open to all types of photography (black-and-white or colour, digital or analogue) with a minimum size of 10 x 15 cm. Retouching is permitted.

Article 3: Terms and conditions of participation

Entry to the COMPETITION is free.
The COMPETITION is open exclusively to European students enrolled in an arts discipline at higher (post-secondary) education institutions (e.g. colleges of art or universities of fine arts) for the 2015-16 or 2016-17 academic years, including adults or minors who have the consent of their legal guardian.
Entrants must be born after 31 December 1975.
As proof of their student status, entrants must provide the name of their institution and upload an image of their student card in the space provided within their profile page on the WEBSITE. This space can be accessed by clicking on "My Personal Space"  link on the homepage, having logged in.
Entrants must register and submit their artworks between 28 October 2016 and 15 February 2017 at midnight (GMT+1),
ENTRANTS must provide five artworks for each chosen category, which must be uploaded to "My work" section in  "My personal space" on
The panel of judges will consider all creative contributions made by the ENTRANT in determining the three winners by category; ENTRANTS are therefore urged to carefully select their artworks. Entries will only be considered if the ENTRANT has provided the following information:
- Student Profile
- Explanation of artistic contributions (no more than 2,500 characters)
- Five artworks uploaded with the title, dimensions and method(s) used (files must be .jpg/.png format - no larger than 5 MB).
Entrants may then submit their entry to the Canson® team for validation. In the event of a rejection, the ENTRANT will receive an email explaining the reasons for the rejection and have an opportunity to make changes to their entry.
No changes may be made to artworks submitted by the ENTRANT for the COMPETITION and approved by the Canson® team for the duration of the COMPETITION.
ENTRANTS may enter as many categories as they wish, and at the same time. However, an artwork is only eligible for one category at a time.
Artworks provided and submitted as part of the COMPETITION must be originals and not copies.

Article 4: Disqualification

Artworks will be disqualified if:
- they do not comply with the rules of competition (e.g. adhering to format, method and/or dimensions);
- they exhibit, even suggestively, content or properties that are defamatory, racist or likely to undermine human dignity;
- they derive from a willingness on the part of an ENTRANT to defraud or cheat, in particular by any attempt at multiple registrations;
- they fall below the standard required by competition WEBSITE officials, who have sole discretion based on the following criteria: orginality, technique, research work, consistency in creative approach and in meaning attributed to the artwork, quality of composition; and/or
- they are demonstrably counterfeit.

Article 5: Schedule and format

Entrants must register and submit their artworks between 28 October 2016 and 15 February 2017. Prior to publication on the "Artistes en compétition" ("Artists in Competition") webpage, artworks are verified and approved by the Canson® team, based on the criteria outlined in Article 4.
Panel deliberations will take place between 16 February and 14 March 2017.
In parallel, voting will take place via Facebook to decide the winner of the Prix du Public (People's Prize) between 16 February and 1 March 2017.
The winners will be announced on the website on 15 March 2017.
The Panel of Judges for the Canson® Art School Awards 2017, made up of experts in the world of art, will select the three winners in each category: First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize.
Assessment criteria (based on the information available on the WEBSITE and any additional information such as via a personal website) are as follows:
-      originality;
-      creativity;
-      technical merit;
-      research work;
-      consistency in creative approach;
-      quality of composition; and
-      artistic interest.
Winners will be notified by email after the panel has made its decision.
Those who cannot be contacted by the organisers within five working days of the panel reaching its decision will be eliminated in favour of the next highest-ranked entrant(s).
The result of the public vote, as well as the decision of the panel, is final. The panel of judges has ultimate decision-making authority and its deliberations are not made public.
The composition of the Panel of Judges for the Canson® Art School Awards 2017 will be announced at a later date, on the WEBSITE and via press release.

Article 6: Intellectual property

Competition ENTRANTS must hold the copyright and any other rights pertaining to artworks submitted to the panel of judges.  By registering, ENTRANTS guarantee that they possess all necessary rights to exhibit artworks that they provide as part of the COMPETITION as well as any recourse or particular legal action in this respect.

Article 7: Prizes

First Prize winners in each category, selected by the panel of judges, will receive:
- a cash prize of €10,000;
- publication of one of their works in a limited edition series of Canson® products;
- Canson® paper to the value of €1,500;
- production and publication of their own catalogue of works.
The school of the winning entry will also receive Canson® fine art products to the value of €3,000.
Second Prize in each category, selected by the panel of judges, will receive Canson® paper to the value of €750.
Third Prize in each category, selected by the panel of judges, will receive Canson® paper to the value of €500.
First, second and third prize winners will be showcased on our website and social media pages.
The People's Prize winner for each category, chosen by the public via Facebook, will be publicised on the WEBSITE and will receive Canson® products to the value of €500.

Prizes featuring Canson® products will be selected from a Fine Arts reference catalogue provided by the Canson® team and based on the recommended retail price including VAT.
These prizes may under no circumstances be redeemed for cash or prizes of any other kind.

Article 8: Advertising - Image Rights - Copyright

The ENTRANT shall retain all copyrights held over his/her artworks.
However, through participation in this competition the ENTRANT and/or WINNER expressly grants the organiser the right, worldwide and without restriction, to use, reproduce, exhibit, republish, transmit, distribute, represent, make technical adaptations with a view to achieving higher image quality, make publicly available, communicate to the public, or translate in part or in full any artworks provided by the ENTRANT for the purposes of promoting this competition.
The right of reproduction confers upon CANSON® the right to use artworks provided by the ENTRANT by any communication method whatsoever, for communication and/or advertising purposes including for promotion of the "Canson® Art School Awards" WEBSITE or for promotional campaigns or to promote Art, while not limited to the aforedescribed list, via the INTERNET, mobile telephone networks, all physical formats (which include CD, DVD, DVD-ROM, posters, letters etc.), via discussion forums, file downloads and data acquisition, as well as for archive purposes, for the operational life of the "Canson® Art School Awards" WEBSITE or any other internet site or similar activity developed by CANSON®, without such use giving rise to compensation of any kind.
Under the aforementioned conditions in the previous paragraph, the ENTRANT or WINNER authorises the competition organiser to use his/her image, name, surname, voice, or any other identifying property (including but not limited to initials, nickname, signature, autograph, record of achievements), including for the purposes of advertising, merchandising, sponsorship by any medium or format without limitation (such as print media, cinema, television, radio, internet, mobile telephone, mobile terminals, specialist magazines, mass-circulation magazines, flyers, posters, booklets, fold-out pages, leaflets, CD-ROMs, direct mail etc.) for the purposes of promotion of this competition organised by CANSON®.
CANSON® may continue to use free of charge, under the same conditions as those set out in previous paragraphs and for the purposes of promoting its competitions, images of artworks and of ENTRANTS and/or WINNERS of the COMPETITION, retrospectively and/or for archiving and/or informational purposes, for the duration of intellectual property rights pertaining to image attachment platforms, the artworks of the ENTRANTS.
For all other uses, in particular for advertising and/or commercial purposes, CANSON® agrees to seek the express consent of the ENTRANT and/or WINNER in accordance with terms to be established subsequently between the interested parties.

Article 9: Intellectual or industrial property of the organiser

Participation in the COMPETITION shall in no way entail access to elements covered by a protection belonging to the organiser and shall under no circumstances confer general authorisation of use upon the STUDENT or WINNER.
The status of ENTRANT or WINNER does not by itself confer any right over in particular trade names, trade marks, logos, domain names or any other distinctive signs belonging to the organiser or displayed on its INTERNET sites.

Article 10: Personal information

Contact details of ENTRANTS shall be collected and processed electronically in accordance with the legislation in force, each ENTRANT having the right to access, amend and remove their personal information by written request to the address specified in Article 1.

Article 11: Acceptance of rules - Amendments

Registration for the competition entails unconditional acceptance of the competition rules in their entirety.
Competition rules enter into force as of their appearance online. They may be amended by the organisers. In particular, depending on the number of registrations, the Canson® team, as competition organiser, reserves the right to reduce the number of winning artworks. In exceptional circumstances, the organiser reserves the right to cancel or amend the dates of the COMPETITION.
Amendments will also be stored on the website. Amendments will enter into force as of their appearance online and ENTRANTS shall be deemed to have agreed to this solely by virtue of their participation in the competition.  ENTRANTS attest to be familiar with rules and principles of the COMPETITION.
The organiser has decision-making power over any issue concerning the application of these competition rules, or any unresolved issue thereby, which may arise. The organiser's decision is final.
The organiser shall answer questions concerning the practical arrangements for the COMPETITION throughout its duration.

Article 12: Changes to prizes

The organisers reserve the right, should circumstances so require, to replace prizes with other prizes.

Article 13: Limit of liability

ENTRANTS acknowledge that they are familiar with digital networks, the World Wide Web, as well as the features and limitations of the internet. They acknowledge in particular that the transmission of data over the internet is not absolutely reliable and that the network can overloaded at certain times; that the WEBSITE may be subject to intrusion from unauthorised third parties or to viruses which may corrupt data; that access from some networks may depend on specific permissions and be subject to access restrictions.
ENTRANTS are prohibited from holding liable the WEBSITE for malfunction or damage arising from the intrinsic properties of the internet environment.
ENTRANTS have had prior familiarity with all information regarding web hosting services and are therefore prohibited from raising as an issue the inadequacy of services for their needs as well as imperfections or unavailability of the host server.
The WEBSITE shall strive to ensure that services remain fully operational. The WEBSITE offers no guarantees. These services may in particular be temporarily suspended for periodic maintenance, updates or technical upgrades.  The organiser assumes no liability for service interruptions or overloading of the network or for any reason not related to the WEBSITE.
The organiser may under no circumstances be held liable for works submitted, in particular for their illegal nature with respect to applicable legislation, for errors or omissions, or for any loss or damage subsequent to the use of any work transmitted via its services.
The WEBSITE denies all liability regarding any disputes, actions or recourse from third parties or other PARTICIPANTS that would seek to invoke rights, in particular private rights, over any work transmitted as part of this competition.   The organiser is not responsible for any delays to mail despatches.

Article 14: Exclusion

The organiser may cancel the participation of any ENTRANT that does not adhere to the rules of competition. Any inaccurate or false declaration, or any instance of fraud shall lead to the exclusion of the ENTRANT, without prejudice to any resultant legal proceedings that may be brought against him/her.  The organiser is also authorised to reject any entry form that includes clear discrepancies as to the identity of the ENTRANT or which contravenes applicable legislation. Such cancellations and removals may be done at any moment and without prior notice. However, prior to this, the organisers may seek an explanation from the ENTRANT.

Article 15: Disputes

If one or more provisions in the rules of competition were to be declared void or unapplicable, the others would remain in effect and retain their scope.  The organiser shall rule on any dispute relating to the competition.
Decisions shall be final. These competition rules are subject to French law. Any dispute arising from the competition shall be subject to an attempt by the parties concerned to reach an amicable resolution. Failing that, the dispute shall be brought before the relevant French court that has jurisdiction. Challenges may not be received after one (1) month subsequent to the announcement of results.