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Canson® Art School Awards - Presentation
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Created in 2011, Canson® Art School Awards (Prix Canson® Art School until the fourth edition) have become the benchmark prize for art students (art schools and art faculties). 

They testify to the desire of the Maison Canson® to support art and creativity, something it has indeed been doing for half a millenium.
Under the direction of a panel of dedicated and renowned professionals, the Canson® Art Schools Awards have been designed as a genuine means of supporting your student life and a a springboard towards your future life as a professional artist.
For their 7th outing, the Canson® Art School Awards are opening their doors to students in all European countries who are enrolled on an artistic programme.

Three prize winners per category are designated by a jury of professionals from the art world. You can also be selected for the "Prix du Public" via a vote on Facebook.

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How to 


You must have a Facebook account in order to vote. You can vote once for each application that you want to support until the end of the voting period.
Go to the "Artists in the competition" page. Click on the work of the Artist that you want to support. You will find a Facebook "Like" button in the window that opens with all of the artist's entry..

I Vote

The key

> Registration: from 28 October 2016 to 15 February 2017 midnight (GMT+1).

> Meeting of the Jury / Selection of the prize winners: from 16 February to 15 March 2017.

> Facebook Votes :  from 16 February to 1st March 2017.

> On line results: March 15, 2017.

Reminder of the entry conditions


"Free Technique on Paper" Categorie

Artwork must be done on paper or cardboard.

All graphic art techniques (e.g. drawing, painting, collages, cut-outs, engraving) are acceptable, with the exception of photography.

The minimum size for artworks is A6.

Artworks must be flat (2D).


"Photography" Category

The competition is open to all types of photography (black-and-white or colour, digital or analogue) with a minimum size of 10 x 15 cm.

Retouching is permitted.


- To enter, you must be studying art at degree level (art school or university art faculty) in Europe and be born after 31 December 1975.

- Two disciplines are available:  Free Technique on Paper and Photography.

- Complete freedom in the choice of subject.

- The jury's choice will be based on the entrant's creative background: don't forget to complete the fields "Explanation of the artistic background " and "Comment" of your work which will be examined closely!

- The files that you upload to our website should not exceed 5 MB and should be in JPEG or PNG format.